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Sanctuary Remodel Update



December 31, 2021

The first 5 rows of pews have been taken out of the sanctuary. They have been replaced by chairs. The reason for this is that the company that is doing the remodel in the altar area is coming on January 10th. We will need to move the piano, musicians and altar forward to allow company to do the work. The pews are under cover in the courtyard.

The pulpit and the lectern were removed to allow work for the remodel. The lectern will be repurposed as the base of the altar. The top of the altar table will be made from some of the pews that will not be used again. The pulpit was taken apart and the boards will be used in future projects.

The remodeling task force is in the process of getting 3 bids for the flooring in the sanctuary. They will make a decision on which way to go at the end of February when all the bids come in.

The company doing the remodel in the altar area will take about two weeks but the altar area will be only plywood flooring for a couple of months as we get floor bids for the whole sanctuary.







Building Task Force Meets

The building task force has been meeting for over a year. 


They have broken down the work that will be done in 3 phases.

Each phase will only be started when the money is in hand. In other words we will not be going into debt.


Altar area

Phase 1 will include extending the altar area further out into the sanctuary to bring an altar forward and raise up the musicians so they can be more easily seen.

All of the front wood panels will be covered with sheet rock and painted a lighter color.

Some theater lighting will be added.

Microphone plugs will be installed in the floor to minimize unsightly cords.

New altar pulled forward. (Old altar stays)

New pulpit / lectern

Move baptismal font to the front and center

Phase 2

Carpeting and hard flooring in the seating area.

Soft seating on the backs and seats of the pews.

Eliminating some pews to have more space between the pews.

Three rows of chairs in the very front for flexibility.

Added lighting to see better. 

Phase 3

Take out the back wall, counting room and coffee area, to provide a larger hallway to the office area. 

Turn the front church doors into emergency only exit. 

(This will encourage new people to talk and spend time together. Right now new people tend to exit out the current front doors and never talk to anyone.)

Current bathrooms will not be touched.

Glass doors to the current sanctuary will be relocated by the office.


We have awarded a contract to C2RS.

The contract is for $28,000.

They were the lowest bid and come highly recommended.

They will start work in mid November and should take a couple of weeks to finish.

We have raised slightly over $40,000


We would like to do the flooring in the sanctuary at the same time as phase 1 is being completed. Phase1 requires some flooring so it would be good to do both at the same time since it will involve the same crew.

So, we could really use donations at this time.

Thank you!

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