PRAISE SHEET -  DEVOTIONALS, ASL SIGNS and SONG LYRICS  -  Double click to open.  The Devotional will be on page 2.   The song (retired from performing) lyrics will be on page 1.  There are a few ASL signs illustrated that compliment each song.  
PRAISE SHEETS  (Any day of the year devotionals)
    Praise Sheet  - Forever Satisfied (Song "I Got Saved."  ASL Signs - Forever, Satisfied & Saved)
    Praise Sheet - Built On a Rock (Song "Faithful One."  ASL Signs - Trust & Love)
    Praise Sheet - My Soul Thirsts for God (Song "Father of Life."  ASL Signs - Thee, Give, Love & Mercy)
    Praise Sheet - Awake My Soul (Song "Awake My Soul."  ASL Signs - Need, Come, Inside & Inside-Me)
    Praise Sheet - Amazing Grace (Song "Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone."  ASL Signs - Forever, Promise & Grace)
    Praise Sheet  - How Great Thou Art (Song history)
    Praise Sheet  - God Will See Us Through Any Storm. (Song "It Is Well With My Soul."  ASL Signs - Calm, Soul, Past, Present & Future) 
    Praise Sheet  -  Lyrics and information about famous statues of Jesus around the world.  (Song "My Redeemer is Faithful and True."  ASL Signs - Redeemer, Promise & Heaven)
PRAISE SHEETS (Christmas focused devotionals)
     Praise Sheet  - A Baby Changes Everything (Song and Devotional)
​    Praise Sheet - Becoming a Person of Peace (Song "Canticle of Peace."  ASL Signs - Peace & Hope)
PRAISE SHEETS (Easter focused devotionals)
    Praise Sheet - Take Heart - I Have Overcome the World (Song "Arise My Love."  ASL Signs - Not, Suffer & Victory)
    Praise Sheet - John 16:33 The Lord Will Overcome (Song "Overcome."  ASL Signs - Jesus, Forever & Worthy)
    Praise Sheet - Love Spilled Out  (Song "Broken and Spilled Out."  ASL Signs - Willingly, Forgive, Sin & Sinner)

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